Wynn Bullock and the use of Symbolism in Photography

Wynn Bullock was born Apr 18 1902, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Wynn Bullock consecrated the major live part to the universal photographic knowledge of nature and of relationships stabled between nature and humans. He opened the doors of abstract art and the use of symbolism. Bullock felt that his photographs were more than surface reflections, that they portrayed the interaction of “space and time” defined by light. But before that, he started his life as a concert tenor. While studying music in Paris he started to be attracted into visual arts. Cover of the Book “Wynn Bullock: Master of Photography” Since 1938 he seriously began to study photography. From 1946-1967, Bullock worked as a commercial photographer. In 1957, Bullock won a medal from the Salon of International Photography. After that, he was recognized by the Professional Photographers Association of California. After his commercial photography period, he dedicated himself to the philosophical … Read more

Annie Leibovitz and her Celebrity Portraits

Anna-Lou Leibovitz was born in Westbury, Connecticut. She is “a photographer of celebrities who has herself become a celebrity.” For the past 25 years, no photographer has delivered more photographs of the people we most want to see than has Annie Leibovitz. Her pictures are recognizable for their bright colors, intense lighting, and above all, for unique and surprising poses. During high school Leibovitz played guitar and wrote music and was the head of the school folksinging club. She also developed an interest in painting and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, beginning in 1967. She considered a career as a painting instructor. During a vacation from school, Leibovitz visited her family, then living in the Philippines. She and her mother took a trip to Japan, where she bought a camera and began taking pictures. In 1970 a friend suggested that she take her prints to Rolling Stone magazine, which … Read more

Nina Berman and Life Behind Iraq

Nina Berman (borned in New York and graduated School of Journalism) has been photographing the political and cultural landscape of the United States for more than 20 years. Also, she takes pictures for numerous publications including National Geographic, Time, New York Times Magazine, London Telegraph, Paris Match, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Stern and GEO. From 1991 until today she had a number of 28 exhibitions around the world and counting. Recently she has gained the World Press Photo Award in Portraits with a picture from the “Redux Pictures for People” – “Wounded US Marine returns home from Iraq to marry”. This shoot was taken unde a project called “Purple Hearts”. The Purple Hearts project is a series of photographic portraits and interviews with American soldiers who were wounded in Iraq. The pictures were taken in soldiers homes, in military hospitals and on Army bases across the United States. “Ive been a … Read more

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