Photography Tutorial: Urban Patterns in Photography

Repetition of shape and colour can add an engaging motif to your scene without making an ugly busy composition. Finding pattern and symmetry for your shot need not constrain you to photographing your grandparen’t’s carpets and curtains. Spot the Patterns Patterns of all kinds occur at all scales throughout nature, but also throughout human constructs too – and this is what I’m focusing on now. If you live in a big city and don’t feel too attracted to street photography, then you probably think about abstract photography. By looking for patterns around your home you train you eye to see in a more abstract way. However, note that abstract art not only includes textures and patterns, but also minimalistic lines and color spots/shapes. The keyword for a successful urban pattern photography is repetition. Accentuate the Pattern in Your Photo Try to zoom in close enough to the pattern so that … Read more

Warning: This 10 Tips Could Make You do Killer Autumn Photos

During the past few days I had a walk in the park and I noticed the beginning of autumn. After a few shots capturing lonely people in the far distance on the “golden” autumn afternoon – melancholic spirit, I got connected with the ground: some leaves (left standing or prearranged) create patterns and abstactional lines, shapes and colors. A few stairs covered by leaves and empty feet stepping on them was an idea I go but could not yet do. When I found myself close to a branch, I toked a close-up of it with the rest of the forest behind. However, macro shots of leaves are more impressive is you take one in your hand and shoot it even closer, creating a deeper DOF behind it. Another interesting idea I had was to combine old rusty objects and architecture pieces with the dead leaves. Go on and try that! … Read more

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Books

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is probably the best software for photographers. When doing a search over the Internet for finding books explaining how to use this software at it’s best, I came out with no less that 7 different books of 7 distinct writers. The previous experience thought me that I should first stop at Scott Kelby‘s and Rob Sheppard‘s published teachings. In these books I learn how to: • Use Lightroom to streamline the process of importing, managing, developing, and presenting quantities of images • Explore nondestructive image processing and color-managed printing • Work with tone curve, adjust white balance, fine-tune vibrancy and saturation, and easily correct color • Create your own presets to use again and again based on adjustments you use regularly • Organize and manage images in the Library and set up a customized system • Create eye-popping prints, show-stopping sideshows, and Web galleries that showcase your … Read more

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