How to Create a Perfect Scene From Different Shots

This is wow… I only understood the title (paint ball office) at the end when the final “picture” was shown. To make things easier for you, here’s the final image: It’s amazing how much work, how many shots and how many well-thought details were put together to make this possible. I think this this movie will enlighten you and bring you crazy ideas about what to do in the next weekend. Once again: this is wow… To resume: Each piece is shot individually: the man at the left, the woman at the right, the paint ball shooter, and, every single piece of paint. The post process of the best shots not only put them together in one scene, but also removed unwanted objects and adjusted the environment colors. A really great idea and professional implementation. Photographer: W. Brandon Voges Talent: Matt Siemer (shooter and victim), Jen Loemker Music: Jamiroquai

Photography Lighting Solutions for All Pockets

I’ll start by suggesting that if you can scrounge up the money, you should avoid the aluminum dish reflector type work lights that lots of photography beginners seem to use. They will work though, if needs be. I’ve got three lists here, the first is setting up a workable system for under $1500 USD, the second is setting up a truly cheap system for under $750 USD, and the third list is … scary … for a miniscule 250 bucks. I strongly recommend you look at continuous lighting solutions. Strobes offer you unparalleled flexibility and a color, quality and power of light that simply goes unmatched (for the price… HMIs are beautiful too, but cost more even than strobe systems). If you can find $1500 USD to work with then the answer is pretty simple: go Lowel. A Lowel Tota/Omni Core kit comes with three decent lamps with a lot … Read more

How to Light Objects in Photography

There are lots of ways to introduce studio lighting and it seems like every book I’ve ever read has a different way of going about it. I think that studio lighting is like telling a story, you can be a master of grammar but without a good idea, the story will be lackluster. The same goes for image making. This is where one should begin: with an idea and the desire to achieve it. Lighting in Photography: Studio Lighting for Objects For as many introductions there are to studio lighting, there are also as many types of studio lighting. If you wish to some day work as a professional, it is in your best interest to be able to light any situation from products to models, table top to cloth swatches. There are two major principles to beginning any studio project. The first is the location of the “key” light. The … Read more

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