How to Photograph White Object on White Background

First, let’s see what I used: a white textile (canvas or so) and not a paper. Why? Because I want the result to be realistic and not plane. Also, it’s important that the background surface should not be glossy. Natural light plus a tungsten light (two of them would be even better) and fill flash. Because the flash might overexpose some ares of the photo (usually the central area), I use a diffuser made from a very transparen’t soft plastic or canvas piece. Usually this kind of thing refers to macro shots, so you may want to shoot in macro mode or manual. Now let’s see the tips: 1. Use a textile background that makes a few soft “natural waves” 2. Use one little colored piece in your white composition as a reference 3. Use lights from all sides to avoid big dark shadows 4. Use fill flash (better with … Read more

What Should I do to Start a Successful Photogrpahy Business? – Part II

What Should I do to Start a Successful Photography Business? – Everything you want to know from A to Z. Marketing is the Key to Success Now that you learned to think about how to please the costumers, you must also learned how to grow your business with little marketing and advertising tricks. This is about some economic thinking which you can find on blogs like Photopreneur and others. The Most Overlooked Photography Business Marketing Tool – you might find out things you never thought of: like a specific logo on each web gallery on the Internet (flickr, deviantart, etc.) in order to make a brand for people to recognize you. Then, Building a Microstock Portfolio – is another thing to do. Fotolia offers the possibility to find affiliates (if you want to know more about how this helps, search for affiliate marketing), which means that if they sell photos, … Read more

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