Travel Photography: Pictures from my Trip to Germany

Hello dear readers. My new Job  brought me for more than a month in Germany. Here I used every free hour to take pictures that would feed my memories later, but I also took pictures that I want you to see and enjoy the places I visited. First of all, I spent my nights at Hotel Kronprinz in Bad Salzdetfurt (it’s a small village near Hannover, in Niedersachsen). Here are some pictures of this friendly village.

Rural Photography Documentary: Traditional Romanian Folk

To promote rural tourism, in Romania, many photographers go from village to village to take pictures of local habits and activities, local activities and clothes, objects, houses. I’m one of those who like to shoot a Rural Photography Documentary quite often. During the late summer of 2008, I choose to go in a wonderful village in the Apuseni Mountains on a specific day: the first day of the “Love Festival”, on the “Chicken Mountain Pick”. I wanted to keep distance from people in order to capture instants of their live, not well prepared portraits. In order to do so, I used a tele-ob.: Tamron 70-300 mm. Here I show you an old man playing a local musical instrument. He did a good pose, and the lighting was good too. This is an instant portrait of on old lady covering her eyes from the burning sun. What I like about it is … Read more

How to take amazing Circus Show Photos

Taking amazing circus show photos is rather difficult because of a variety of factors. To put it simple, the photographer has the hard job of capturing the right moment while the subject is moving in low artificial light. You see, I just mentioned two key issues there: low artificial light and movement. Let’s get into details about this. In a Circus Show there are many factors different from any other kind of photography type. For example, the white balance does not matter too much, and you should also not worry about having too much noise: sure you will since the lighting environment is poor and the use of flash will only ruin the magic of the show. The magic of the show is mostly based on motion and secondly on clothes. As a result, try to capture motion blur in your picture, but remember: slow shutter speed is not needed: … Read more

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