How to Photograph Castles, Palaces and Holy Places

This type of photography involves knowing more than one skill: landscape, indoor, architecture. The easiest but probably the most spectacular photography is the landscape view of a castle/palace. Most of them are located in mountain regions or near a lake/river. Think for example at the castles on the Rhin Ri’ver in Germany. Considering the century when these were build, you may encounter a dig around them or a big fancy gate and colorful gardens. (Check for example Versailles in France, near Paris) As for indoor, even if they have tall walls, usually they are very dark. The use of flash is required for capturing the furniture inside the royal rooms. Architecture is represented by sculptures and statues. In the morning or evening the light suits better every shadow of the forms. Shooting holy places from outside is similar with castles and palaces, only that I recommend a vertical composition. (The … Read more

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