Shooting Particular Objects in Macro Mode

Metal 1. Use a light-blue background to display silver to its best advantage. 2. Use a piece of poster board to reflect light back on the piece, but mask the image of your hands or camera that may have reflect in the surface. 3. Add small colorful accessories to pictures of silver, such as a flower, to add interesting reflections and a punch of color. Jewelry 1. Use black velvet backgrounds to display jewelry at its best, particularly diamonds. White is also effective. 2. Position pieces so the most interesting part of the piece is visible. Prop up rings, for example, using a small piece of museum wax or silly putty, or cut a small slit in a piece of foam core board with a razor blade and push the band of the ring down into the slit, making the ring stand up. 3. Make certain photos are well lighted, … Read more

Macro Photography Home Studio

You may have heard about Macro photography or Close-up photography used basically for capturing little creatures like bugs or parts of a flower. You may want to try that, but also, you may want to get creative. Or maybe you are locked at home or too lazy to go somewhere in nature. In this case, turn your eyes around your room and see what seems good to become a nice picture. Next thing you do is to try building a little studio on your table. Things you need for your Macro Photography Home Studio: – little tripod – white and black background (and maybe some other colours if you like) – 1 lamp, but better 2 lamps Before you can get those things, you can already start shooting something like this: Note: The “blury” part of macro photos you notice is the result of DOF effect in macro shooting (see glossary). … Read more

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