Pictures from my Trip to Germany – Hamburg

It’s a very common thing to find street performers and carnivals in every big city in Germany if you happen to be in the market place during the weekend. This is, for photographers, a great opportunity to capture spontaneous emotions of people, take advantage of the free show and the clothing. Please comment about the feelings that these photographs have on you. Do you feel the music? Do you hear the drums? If you do, then it means that the shot is a succesfull one: your eye went from the happy faces of the players to their instruments and back, without any other distractions from the background.

Taking Pictures Within a Car

During the Photo-Tour I encountered nice places and scenes that I wanted to photograph but could not get out of the car because the road and traffic did not allowed me to stop the car. Also, sometimes, pictures taken from a car can be more creative, more interesting than a normal snapshot of the landscape. Here is what I mean: 1. TIP: By shooting from inside the car, frame your picture with the car elements: mirror, or, the lateral window. However, don’t focus on these element: they represent just the frame, not the point of interest. The point of interest is the environment outside the car. 2. TIP: The picture from inside the car is interesting when motion blur is present. Not hard to do that: there are two key factors that you should know when hunting for the right moment to get the most spectacular blur: FIRST: near objects … Read more

High Contrast Dramatic Mono Conversion

I received (from Mark via email) a nice video tutorial on the workflow and editing that can be used to create moody and melodramatic monochromes well suited to architectural and urban photography. Clcik here to watch the tutorial Tools used by Mark in this video: * RAW conversion software,(Pixmantec’s Rawshooter Essentials 2006) * High Dynamic Range imaging software (DynamicPhoto HDR) * Photoshop CS3 Also, the pictures were made with Canon 350D Digital SLR with Canon EFS 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM lens + sky filter (mainly for protection) + hood to cut down stray light. Look at the pictures. Mark’s work is also exhibited at Masa Fine Art Galllery, Royal William Yard. Thank you Mark for this brilliant tutorial and magnificent photos! Mark about the world in he’s photography: “The back streets and the docks, this is where people have lived and worked through Plymouth’s history. Once these have been razed … Read more

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