3 Common Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Image from Wikimedia With photography and image-based social media flourishing, there’s no better time to get into this amazing hobby. Although many people do just fine with little or no guidance, there are certain common mistakes which a lot of rookies run into. To give you a better start in the world of photography, you need to keep a keen eye out for these slip-ups. Here are three of the most widespread. If you want to pursue photography as a career, then one of the worst things you can do is neglect to learn the jargon. I’ve met more than a few photographers who have a natural talent. Without playing with any settings or even glancing at the subject, they get shots which make even the blandest scenes look incredible. With some of these protégés, I’ve been totally shocked at how little technical knowledge they have. A good photographer is … Read more

10 Tips for New-Born Photography

What Type of Photography is it? There are generally two types of photography style – portrait and documentary.  Documentary takes the form of photos taken during an activity, while portrait is generally taken during a still moment.  It’s important to know which type of photo is wanted. What Angle are You Using? As shown in the blog section of Ann Manley Photography, angles matter – get down low, so you are on the same level as the new-born; make use of close-ups, though be careful of the baby’s eyes when using a flash; ask people if they are comfortable with shots of their baby being nursed.     Go Macro! If your camera has a macro mode or if you’re lucky enough to have a purpose built macro lens use it to isolate a single body part (like a hand, an ear, a foot, a mouth, etc.) and use that … Read more

How to professionally watermark your images for free

Most people thing that watermarks are there just to protect the copyright of their images. That is indeed one of the purposes, but it’s not the only one. Watermarks can be a great marketing tool for photographers. This is something that young inexperienced photographers often overlook. Your watermark is your signature, your personal image. And if you are serious about photography, then you must know this: IMAGE SELLS. It’s just like wearing a great suit at an interview. It’s great to have brilliant images, but it’s better if they have a professional looking watermark in order to grab an undivided attention. What you need for your photography business is a branding process that includes creating a stunning watermark. This process has 2 stages: I. Designing your watermark II. Stamping your photos Let’s get into the core of each stage… I. Designing your watermark Not every watermark is a good watermark, just like … Read more

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