Using the color blue for astonishing photographs

Blue, by its meaning, its an important color in art, and therefore in photography. Plus, it is present all over: the sky and the water take up a lot of space… (we live on the Blue Planet, right?). Let’s talk about the use of color blue in photography and see some examples of photos with loads of pretty blues. Blue Blue World – The aesthetics of using the color blue  The blue tone of the evening creates a mystical atmosphere. That for the natural blue. But artificial blue goes to architecture and technical objects. By using the color blue as negative space in you photos, you create the illusion of a deep space (human brain identifies objects with cold colors as being farther). If we can say that an image done only in blue tones gives a feeling of calm and peace, if you also use a complementary color (red, orange, yellow), the red spots tend to … Read more

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