Nikon Understanding Digital Photography

Nikon Understanding Digital Photography DVD You are ready to take your digital SLR photography beyond the automatic settings on your … all » Nikon digital SLR camera, this 45 minute Nikon School© DVD is the perfect guide. Join Bob Krist, award-winning National Geographic Traveler Photographer, on a day of shooting and instruction. Along the way,… Continue reading Nikon Understanding Digital Photography

Artistic Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers

“Artistic Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers” is how David and Murray call them selves. The true is they make a great team, and, together, a very creative style of wedding photography. While Helen is Murry Wedding Photography’s business manager, David has shot weddings all over the UK, from Castles in Scotland to central London. Unlike many others,… Continue reading Artistic Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers