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Fundamentals of Photography

The book “Fundamentals of Photography ” is thick: 352 pages, and is packed with information. This book stands out as a rather comprehensive collection of photographic knowledge. Beginners and advanced users alike will find a staggering amount of information, all of it illustrated with interesting and well annotated photographs, illustrations and charts. One would think that such a description would go well with the term ‘Information overload, but the book does no such thing. It leaves you with enough information to understand a topic and appreciate its key points and then moves on. Most books such as these tend to focus mainly on film photography, with digital added-on as an after thought or footnote. Fundamentals of Photography, on the other hand takes you through the basics of both film and digital photography in an intimate and comprehensive manner. It helps you understand the processes going on behind the scenes when … Read more

Flora Photographica: Masterpieces of Flower Photography

FLORA PHOTOGRAPHICA: MASTERPIECES OF FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY FROM 1835 TO THE PRESENT Flora Photographica is a bouquet, a striking and extravagantly designed album of images that celebrate the beauty and pathos of flowers in all their forms. In these pages flowers speak to us with a greater intensity and more subtle modulation than in nature itself. For each bloom shown here has been observed with an acuity of vision that only the most sensitive of photographers can bring to bear. What we see is both reality and revelation. The artist’s eye decodes the flower’s message and sharpens its beauty. Here are Mapplethorpe’s tulips, half-metal, half-living creatures; Steichen’s delphiniums, preserved in an everlasting summery perfection of blues and pinks; Atget’s open-air profusion of poppies; Cunningham’s magnolia, richly fertile and lush; Man Ray’s surreal yet pure calla lily; Chris Enos’s dying poinsettia, its colors curdling in decay. Roses and irises, zinnias and eglantines, … Read more

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