Unforgettable Road Trips in the UK-A new of enjoying your next travel

Scenic Road Trips in the UK that are Worth Capturing by Camera

Some people like hiking. Some people like cycling. But, after chatting with online car dealership Carspring, it seems you can have just as much fun exploring your next trip in the complete, climate-controlled comfort of your car. Here we go through the most unforgettable road trips in England, Scotland and Wales. Drives that offer driving heaven, stunning scenery and plenty of fun along the way. All you need is the right company and you are all set to enjoy!

England: Road from Glastonbury to Cheddar Gorge – Check out the route here.

This route gives you a proper feel of medieval England. Begin deep in England’s spiritual realm on the outskirts of the hallowed town on Glastonbury (Therefore avoid at a certain summer weekend). Start at the Tor on the edge of town, where hippies will tell you that you can soak up good vibes from the ‘laylines’. A trip up the tor is the perfect way to get the blood pumping and a great start to any day out. With lush, green mounds stretching into the distance, you can see why hippies love this place so much.

After being boosted with loads of positive energy, drive through the centre of the town once heralded for its connections to King Arthur. Here, if you like, you can stop off and explore these historic connections. As you leave, the misty mirk of the flat pastoral farmland seems like it’s straight out of any epic tale of days past. On certain mornings this landscape can resemble some sort of battlefield scene from a Hollywood movie.

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