Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Photoaxe!

Starting from today, I’m 23 years old and Photoaxe is 1 year old. Yes, both in the same day. Should I have 2 cakes? Or just one but special one? I woke up and went into to chicken to drink my coffe and there it was: a cake and a note from my paren’ts. I put candles on the cake and wanted to blow them up, but…. Finaly! These candles just won’t stop burning there! 🙂 And yes, it was delicios. I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and, most of all, I hope you enjoyed this one year of photoaxe. It has been a great year, with permanent updates and improvements. And further more, it becomes closer and closer to you and your needs, my dear friend and reader.

Merry Christmas!!!

I (Lau – Photoxe) am wishing you a Happy Christmas, full of joy, freedom, inspiration, health, friends, wisdom, and everything else that feels good for your soul. Have a cheerfully holiday and make splendid pictures!

The Kodak Photo Futures Report

Press Release: The Kodak Photo Futures report looks at the changing nature of photography throughout Europe. It highlights the drivers and effects of change in photography since the advent of digital technology. The insights in this report are divided into two sections – ‘Market Drivers and ‘Photographer Typologies. Market Drivers Market Drivers include the rapid development of new technologies that give consumers the ability to take pictures easily and quickly. High quality cameras give near professional results with little specialist knowledge required. Meanwhile, falling camera prices have brought digital photography into more hands. Even lower end cameras now include sophisticated functions such as facial recognition. Interestingly, the lust for professional results doesn’t end there. Despite enjoying the convenience and efficiency of digital photography, consumers accustomed to visuals of high quality in media and advertising, expect high quality prints. The ubiquity and affordability of digital photography means many consumers are taking … Read more

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