Center-Spot Filters

Center-Spot filters are a type of special effects filters; they are variations of Diffusion Filters. The center of a center spot filter is usually a hole (It can also be a flat and clear glass). The hole can be round or oval. The surrounding of the hole is a diffuse glass, sometimes colored. As a result, the image taken with this filter will be sharp and clear in the middle (where the hole is), and blured around the center. Its easy to figure out that a larger center spot filter has a larger central clear area.
Center Spot Filters can be found in 4 different types as well:
• diopters with a hole at the center
• soft spot filters with a clear center and soft-focus ring
• diffusion filters with a clear center
• densely arranged concentric circles and a clear center (ex: Cokin’s Radial Zoom)
As for the dimensions of these filters with holes, an opinion can be made from this information: Hoya’s and Tiffen’s 49mm center spot filters have a center spot of diameter about 15mm and Cokin’s Radial Zoom has a clear center of diameter 9mm.
Center-Spot FiltersCenter-Spot FiltersCenter-Spot Filters
Its good to know that larger aperture and longer focal length will result in a more discreet and delicate result of the use of center-spot filter, and that the best results can be obtained with the Cokin Radial Zoom. Second thing to note is the fact that Hoyas hole edge is very visible in the resulting image, which is very distracting and anaesthetic. Third thing: Tiffen’s effect is not very clear in a small image.
A similar result as the use of these filters can be obtained with a software effect called vignetting.

The following images are Hoya examples.
Center-Spot Filters
Center Spot
Center-Spot Filters
Misty Spot
Center-Spot Filters
Soft Spot

For Cokin examples, I recommend this site. It has a large variation of filters, each with picture example.

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  1. Indeed, a lot easyer. 🙂
    From the above article: “A similar result as the use of these filters can be obtained with a software effect called vignetting.”

  2. Yes, I would process photos for these effects later since you can reset or edit it all you want without committing one single result. Guess these filters are more applicable for film photographers

  3. I have a search problem rather than a comment.I AM LOOKING FOR THE OPPOSITE FILTER TO THE CENTER SPOT.IT IS A CLEAR FILTER WITH A DARK SPOT IN THE CENTER.I can’t seem to find it anywhere as is it isn’t made,I might have to make it myself.

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