Claudio Basso Fashion Photography Workshop

Are you interested in Fashion Photography? Because if you are, big workshop time is approaching:
Claudio Basso Fashion Photography Workshop
Also, are you interested in meeting Claudio Basso and beautiful models?

Today Trump models can be seen everywhere from the pages of Vogue and leading designer runways to advertising campaigns and blockbuster movies.

Here’s your chance. It looks like you are on a trampoline to a real carer here: the workshop is mostly based on actual shooting and each day, 4 random participants have the chance to be side by side with the master, with cameras given by the organization. By registering you agree to allow to use your image, should you appear in such filming of the workshop. What more could you possibly wish? A prize maybe? Renovance.TV publishes the winning pictures from a contest where the three best photographs and their creators will be honored with:
1) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
2) A set of 2 PocketWizard Smart Transceivers Plus II
3) Manfrotto MagFiber Tripod plus, Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head

This great event happens as following:
July Saturday 28 & Sunday 29
August Saturday 18 & Sunday 19
September Saturday 22 & Sunday 23

Registration costs 599$ but it’s worth. More informations here.
Claudio Basso Fashion Photography Workshop

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