ColorTune and SkinTune in PhotoTune 2.2 Photoshop Plugin

PhotoTune 2.2 is an easy-to-use colour-correction Adobe Photoshop plugin comprised of two plugins: ColorTune and SkinTune. ColorTune works like an eye exam to figure out precisely what is wrong with a digital image (designed for anyone who wants great looking images without spending hours behind the computer screen manually adjusting curves and levels sliders), while SkinTune instantly finds the nearest acceptable skin color from a library of skin samples and automatically corrects the image (based on complete libraries for different races, including African, Asian, Caucasian, Latin, and Middle Eastern).

SkinTune technology features specialized algorithms designed specifically for skin color adjustment – all the adjustments are totally independent, so adjusting brightness, as an example, has no effect on hue or saturation. This is important because a small adjustment can easily result in an out-of-gamut skin color.
To use the SkinTune technology, a user need only open an image in Photoshop and select PhotoTune 2.2 – SkinTune from the Filter menu. After two clicks of the mouse, SkinTune instantly finds the nearest acceptable skin color from the selected library, and automatically corrects the image. After SkinTune does its magic, users are able to use SkinTunes tools to adjust hue, brightness, contrast, and saturation. All adjustments will stay within the boundaries of the library to ensure perfect, life-like results.

With ColoTune, during each step of the patented Color Wizard process, users are presented two side-by-side preview images that have been altered in different ways. Users simply click on the best looking image between each pair. The entire six-step process only takes about 15 seconds. In comparison, if a user spends an average of 10 minutes fixing an image with Photoshops Curves, Levels, and Hue & Saturation it will take them 16 hours to color correct 100 images. With PhotoTune 2.2 and ColorTune technology, 100 images can be processed in less than one hour.

PhotoTune 2.2 is available for purchase directly from onOne Software at and later on from resales.

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