Creating a Photo Slideshow

Before Easter I promised Ill show you how to easily make a photo slideshow with music and effects.
Flash Slide Show Maker has very intuitive (and large) buttons; therefore, you can create a slideshow like the one above in very easy and fast way.
Heres a sample slideshow you should first see. All pictures are done in the same day on rocky cliffs. As you may observe, the names of the pictures are given by the color of the plants, so the slideshows name is “Macro Colors”.

On a new project, you first add the photos: these will be shown in the slideshow in the same order you add them. If you want them in a different order, you just drag and drop the pictures. If you decide later that you want one (or more) pictures added, you can do so and then place them at the right place by drag and dropping. There is also a rotate option available, but no brightness, contrast, sharpness or other effects, so the images you use in the slideshow should be finalized in other photo adjustment software.
Flash Slide Show Maker
The next thing the program shows is a window with the slideshow options: here you determine the size and frame rate of the movie, on one side, and on the other side, the picture translation and the time the picture stays on the screen, as well as a background color. The interesting part is choosing a theme (57 choices available, including holidays scenes) and a dynamic “decoration” that will be played over the photos during the show. These are: camera, circle, hearts, line, jumping line, snow dropping, arrow bar, dropping leaves, gifts. Last, but not the last, add a piece of music from your hard drive or cd.
Flash Slide Show Maker
On the bottom, at the left, there is an “Advanced” button that I recommend pressing before going on. I do so because here I can set up that the slideshow will only start at the users click and will stop playing after one loop. I believe it is better so.
Flash Slide Show Maker
The last 3 steps are the simplest ones: just some saving options which for me work well as default. Then, once you press Exit, the program will ask you to save your work as a project file in case you will want to change some options about the slideshow later on.
Thats all folks!
Flash Slide Show Maker

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