Edit your Pictures Online with Photoshop Express

Some friends of mine told me they consider Adobe Photoshop too complicated and prefer working with a more basic photo editing software. However, Photoshop remains the most known picture editing software at a global scale. Further more, if you think that it will “eat” too many of your computer resources, here’s some good news:
An online version of popular photo editor Adobe Photoshop is currently in development, called Photoshop Express.
This comes in the advantage of the large number of Internet addicts and people who prefer more basic features. It’s not only about pictures that the Adobe staff thinks about, but also about movies and slideshows. Premiere Express (Flash-based application that can be accessed through sharing sites such as Photobucket and TestTube) is the motion version for Photoshop Express.
I’m still looking forward for an availability date of Photoshop Express.

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By Laura

I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".

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