Exhibition – Black and White Fine Art Photographs of Cuba

An exhibition of Black and White fine art photographs of Cuba (from the 1930s to the modern day), called “Cubanismo”, runs from Thursday September 27th – Saturday November 3rd 2007 on a program from 11.00am to 6.00pm during the working days of week.
This exhibition is a precursor to the 2008 Cuban Cultural Festival which is planned for May of next year.

Capital Culture announced that Ernesto Fernandez has attended the opening night of the exhibition Cubanismo – one of Cubas greatest photographers, part of the Revolucion newspapers photographic team (where he documented the heady days of the Cuban revolution and he has continued to work in Cuba throughout the years since) and also worked alongside Korda, Salas and Corrales to capture some of the dramatically key moments of the 2oth century.
Black and White Fine Art Photographs of Cuba
The exhibition will encounter rare images of Cuba in the 1930s taken by Arturo Martinez Illa in his photographic studio in the town of Caibarien and of his local community, as well as Laura Portilla’s most recent work 3 Mil Silencios (3 thousand silences) which graphically documents the jail in which Fidel Castro and his compatriots were held in the early 1950s before he was sent into exile. James Sparshatts photographs of Cuba capture the passion and vitality of the island and its people, also published in his book of photographs, ‘Cuba Land of Spirit, in 2006.

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