Free Educational Seminars to Streamline Your Photographic Workflow

Entitled ‘Capture to Print Solutions, these seminars are designed to inform and educate professional photographers on how Fujifilms FinePix S5 Pro can be specifically utilized for school, portrait, sports and wedding photography and how they can better streamline their business workflow with a comprehensive range of professional digital imaging solutions.

Fujifilms ‘Capture to Print Solutions seminar series will kick off on Monday, November 5th in Orlando, Fla., followed by Long Beach, Calif., Sturbridge, Mass., Atlanta, Ga., and Somerset, N.J. At each seminar, Fujifilm Technical Staff Members will demonstrate live studio use of the FinePix S5 Pro with Bar Code Scanner, along with the ASK-2000 and ASK-4000 Digital Photo Printers.

Fujifilms ‘Capture to Print Solutions seminars will be held in conjunction with partners Express Digital and PhotoLynx. Express Digital and PhotoLynx staff members will demonstrate front-end software applications that enable photographers to shoot tethered or un-tethered and keep track of student records and image databases.

Seminar attendees can hear and see benefits of Fujifilms IS-1 and IS Pro ultraviolet and infrared cameras for the fine art market and Fujifilms DigiLabs software which enables photographers to build incremental business by offering their customers photo books, cards and calendar products.

For more information or to reserve a seat at Fujifilms free half-day ‘Capture to Print Solutions seminars, go to Free Seminars.

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