Free Seminar on Photography with Ultra Violet and Infrared Capture

Fujifilm sponsored a seminar on Digital Forensic Photography (as part of the grand opening of the new B&H state-of-the-art Event Space in the B&H Super Store in New York City) featuring Fujifilm IS PRO and IS-1 Cameras.
This Event, a free one indeed, will take place in NYC (New York City) at the B&H Event Space (420 9th Avenue) on Wednesday, November 28, from 10AM – 5PM. All you have to do in order to attend is to register in advance (the number of participants is probably limited).

C. Jason Guffey, a professional photographer with ten years experience as a Crime Scene Investigator is going to hold a full-day educational seminar for law enforcement and forensic photographers.
This seminar is designed to enhance the skills of Forensic/Crime Scene photographers by demonstrating the applications of the Fujifilm IS PRO and IS-1 Ultra Violet Infrared (UVIR) cameras.
For more information, or to reserve a seat at Fujifilms ‘Digital Forensic Photography seminar, contact Jennifer Diamond at

By attending this special event, attendees will learn a variety of digital forensic techniques utilizing infrared and ultraviolet light exposure that can be used in the lab, or in an on-site investigative scene for forensic and law enforcement professionals. The class will provide attendees with hands-on experience using the Fujifilm UVIR cameras that will help them better understand the camera settings, filters, and lighting. Attendees are encouraged to bring equipment assigned by their departments, or use the cameras provided during the seminar.

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