FujiFilm Strikes the Market with New Technology and Cameras

The new Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd reaches a new record in the matter of ultra zoom: not less than 18x optical zoom (and no, it’s not a dSLR). This 8MP camera also features a new anti-blur Dual Image Stabilization system but has a maximum of 1600 ISO at full resolution (higher ISO would have been useless anyway).The face detection includes a new Automatic Red Eye Removal feature. The rest is the same as on it’s predecessor: the FinePix S6000fd. Estimated price: $399.95
FinePix S5800 is also a 8MP camera with a SLR-like design, featuring 2.5-inch LCD screen and 10x optical zoom lens like previous models from the S-series. The S5800 includes a number of features for improved low light shooting (ISO 1600 and Intelligent Flash feature that automatically adjusts sensitivity and flash power for improved photos taken with flash) and image stabilization (PS mode). It is equipped with Super Macro mode that focuses as close as 0.4 inches from a subject and the camera has 12 other scene modes.
FinePix F480 is an entry-level point an shoot (a compact camera for family use unlike the above more robust and complicated ultra zoom). This 8.2MP camera follows the F470 and F650, which are no longer being manufactured. The 4x optical zoom lens system offers wider shooting in a 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) zoom, expanded from the 35-105mm focal range on the F470. The LCD is large enough with 2.7-inch, and the basic features are: 13 scene modes and a Picture Stabilization mode. Estimated price: $179.95
The FinePix F50fd includes Fuji’s Face Detection 2.0 (improved for side profile shots and extreme angles), new dual image stabilization (with CCD-shift technology – mechanical), expanded thumbnail view (new GUI Micro Thumbnail function that displays a 100-image index on the monitor, allowing for users to scan through photos faster), a bigger 2.7-inch LCD, and automatic red-eye correction. It’s a point and shoot compact of 12MP equipped with IrSimple technology that allows users to wirelessly transmit photos from the camera to other IR-enabled devices. Estimated price: $299.95
FinePix Z100fd is a fancy, stylish camera (Shell Pink, Satin Silver, Cappuccino Brown, and Tuxedo Black design) with 8MP, CCD-shift image stabilization, face detection, a new Automatic Red Eye Removal function, 5x optical zoom, 2,7 inch LCD plus Fujis IrSimple technology that allows users to wirelessly send photos to other infrared-enabled devices. The camera also has a maximum sensitivity up to 1600 at full resolution for low-light shooting without a flash. Micro Thumbnail view displays a 100-shot index to allow users to quickly scan through large volumes of photos on the LCD screen.

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  1. i was looking on the fuji site and found out they are releasing a new camera called the z10. it looks pretty awesome. have a lot of features and comes in a bunch of colors and stuff. has anyone heard anymore details about it??

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