GPS Photo Finder – An easy way to Geotagg your Photos without a Computer

I find the idea of a GPS Photo Finder quite interesting so here’s what I found out while digging around:
CA-ATP, a leading manufacturer of DRAM and flash memory solutions, recently introduced the ATP GPS Photo Finder, which is a portable photo accessory that allows for convenient geotagging of digital photos taken by any digital camera.
From now on, to all those friends and family members that ask me where I toked that killer shot, a precise answer will be given by this cute device. The ATP GPS Picture Tracker uses SIRF Star III GPS chipset for high accuracy and positioning, has 128mb of Flash memory, and will run for about 8 hours on a decent pair of AAA batteries. It only works with JPEG files.
What is really convenient about this GPS photo finder, is the fact that unlike other new solutions on the market, is universally compatible with any digital camera using jpeg image files, allowing users to geotag pictures from multiple camera brands and models, and can also be used on the go without the need for a computer. It is designed for use with Google Earth & Google Maps. Pictures can currently be viewed also using software such as Picasa which supports geotagging. The advantage in this case is that this software has a free version.
Aside from Picasa and Google Earth, you can use Geotagged images in enabled Satellite Navigation devices, and I’d imagine it would be incredibly useful for surveyors, architects, geocachers, or anyone else who needed to know exactly where they took their images at a later date.
How it works?
Plug in your cameras memory card into the Photo Finders built-in card reader or USB port, and it automatically finds and tags your images without any additional software or hardware.
How and where to purchase?
The ATP GPS Photo Finder is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2008, price to be announced.
However, some review models were send around so here’s a nice and informative review.

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