High Speed and High Capacity Memory Cards

By now, you probably think that the biggest SD/MMC memory card for picture storage has about 4 GB capacities. From now on, it’s time to think about high speed 8 GB memory cards. Hopefully, the latest generation of digital cameras supports this amount of storage.

First, Panasonic introduces a new memory card, the 8GB Pro High Speed SD Memory Card (available starting from September 2007 at a price around $159.99). The writing speed is 20MB per second and the card can record 3080 still images at 10-megapixel resolution or 80 minutes of MPEG-4 movies in Fine quality setting. Also, Panasonic plans to launch a 16 GB SDHC card later this year.

On the other hand, one of the most trusted card producers, Sandisk, just released new ‘Ducati Edition‘ range of high speed flash memory cards. The new memory cards are Sandisk’s fastest yet, with 4 and 8 GB for the CF and 4GB for the SDHC (45 and 20 MB per second respectively).

Toshiba had already made an 8 GB card at the beginning of the year, with “class 4” high-speed data writing specification of the SD Card Association and capable to record data at 6 megabits per second.

Pretec 8GB SD card was presented at Photokina Show. It is fully compliant with SD 2.0 (SDHC) specification with access speed up to 20MB/sec.

8 gb scandisk ducati

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