Himalaya – People and Mountains by Mihai Moiceanu

Last week I’ve been to the photography exhibit: “Himalaya – People and Mountains”.

Himalaya - People and Mountains
The photographs belong to a Romanian photographers Mihai Moiceanu, originally from Brasov, a city surrounded by mountains in the middle of Romania. The exhibit left me with the feeling of a colorful and cheerful life in the highest mountains covered always by snow and ice. Instead of a cold feeling, the wars sunset/sunrise colors change the view towards the mountains.

“The beauty and attractiveness of Himalaya emanate not only from the beauty of the mountains but also from what surrounds it. Nepal is a country of hospitable people with picturesque villages, with an amazing diversity of cultures and traditions and also a great variety of flora and fauna.”

You can view some of the best photographs from the expo here.
Also, if you are interested, Mihai Moiceanu invites you to a new series of workshops.

The theoretic notions of photocomposition and the processing and analysis of the photographs on the computer will be combined with the photo tours around Magura-Bran area. Under Mihai Moiceanus guidance you will carry out landscape photographs, but also peasants or sheperds portraits, photographs of rural architecture (houses, hodai, sheepfolds) or photographs that capture rural activities (ploughing, mowing etc).

More details here.

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