How to Capture Life at the Country Side in Pictures

When going out of the city to the country side, every photographer has a few subjects in mind: domestic animals, old farmers, rusty old objects, fruits and vegetables, landscapes with old houses surrounded by cultivated lands and trees. And each of these encounters different shooting conditions and specific issues.
Life at the Country Side

Domestic animals: usually represented by cows, can be photographed in groups or alone, or, with a farmer by their side. A normal lens will do just fine. But close-ups are not to drop away. Think a little about a cute fluffy chicken baby under the mothers wing.
Life at the Country Side

Rusty old objects can vary in size from an entire abandoned building to a pair of shoes. These pictures will be full of emotions and symbolism. Generally, the idea of old is well enhanced in slight sepia tones.

Farmers, if photographed at work, will contribute to the image as an attraction point of a bigger image. If you can talk to them, get close and shoot a portrait, you will be amassed by the natural honest expression on their faces and the amount of details of a skin exposed to hard weather and farming. Also, take a good look at the clothes.
Life at the Country SideLife at the Country Side

Fruits and vegetables can be focused in macro or normal mode with narrow DOF to obtain the best out of it.

If you want to make a documentary about country side, you must know that most of the activities start very early in the morning. In Romania, in summer, around 6-7 am, the farmer milks the cow and gets the horses ready for a ride in the field. Around 7pm, the wagon returns full of dry grass and one hour later and the cows return from feeding around the village to be milked once again and go to sleep.
Life at the Country SideLife at the Country SideLife at the Country Side

Off topic: try out traditional food and pay attention at the local dialect.
At the end: a panorama of the village where I took my shots.
Life at the Country Side

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