How to Deal with Symbols in Photography

A symbol represents the use of an object in order to express an idea, or, the use of that object in a different way than for what it was initially developed (a fork next to an apple is considered a tool for eating that apple; photographing a fork stabbing an apple gives that fork the meaning of a weapon). In other words, the symbolism is the deeper meaning of things. In Photography, we take for example (the classic example) a single tree on an empty field: it stands for loneliness.
Conceptual Photography, unlike other types of shooting, requires more mental processing, more imagination and out of the box thinking.
You see something – you think different about whats behind the usual and only then you shoot. The persons next to you will probably not notice the same think as you in the view until you tell them at least the name of your photo.
Its about associating words with image (first in your mind before shooting): title with photography (then in the process of organizing your images).

Example 1:
Together and Apart – a concept can be symbolized in more than 1 photo
Symbols in PhotographySymbols in Photography

Example 2:
Symbols in Photography

Example 3:
Deathful Hand of Human Kind
Symbols in Photography

Example 4:
Busy Business in Colors
Symbols in Photography

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