How To Sell Stock Photos and Make Money With Your Camera

How To Sell Stock Photos Efficiently

stockbookcover_362lOver the past 5 years, the number of people who own a DSLR (professional or consumer) has exploded as they become more affordable and trendy to own. However, the amount of people still using the cameras in full auto mode is huge!
Once you break away from auto and start to use the more creative modes such as manual, aperture priority and shutter priority, you can start to produce images that really stand out from the crowd.
Now that your images are more professional looking, they are more attractive as commercial images which means you can start to make money from them!
You can train to be a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer, commercial photographer, property photographer or even a stock photographer.
Most of these industries require a large investment in equipment, advertising and time set aside for meetings, displays, album, book and slideshow creation and usually only earn money once.
The latter of the above list is stock photography…something many people think is either out of their league or reserved for the professional photographers but it is an industry that continues to pay dividends on images for as long as they are for sale.

Learn How To Sell Stock Photos

In the past, it was virtually impossible for the amateur or beginner photographer to break into this field as the criteria for acceptance was fairly strict. Then, around 2004, microstock was born.
Microstock gave us not only affordable, high quality stock images that anyone could afford, but it gave many amateur photographers the chance to earn money using just their DSLR camera and lens.
Photographers from all walks of life, some professional, some amateur and many beginners jumped at the chance and started uploading images. Some of those beginners are now full time, professional stock photographers making a very nice living from selling their images.
The industry is still growing and the opportunity is still huge for anyone wanting to get into stock photography. You can work at your own pace and know that the more effort you put in, the more you could earn.
For a great resource which covers everything you need to know to get started in stock photography, check out How To Sell Stock Photos by Nick Stubbs.

Check out How To Sell Stock Photos

2014-10-10_2151Personally, after learning how to correctly take the photos and how to process them in order to be sold, I started to rapidly make money from the microstock business. Here is a screenshot of the sales I made with one image.

Moreover, I was then contacted by a large multinational company regarding the purchase of one image with exclusive rights. Exclusivity automatically means more money, and a large company gives you visibility. Then, visibility will increase your fame and you will be able to ask more money for your images. Isn’t that just great?

Note: this image was uploaded to, the forth largest microstock company there is! To give you an idea, below is in top 5 largest and most visited photography stock websites:

Top 5 Microstock Agencies:

You can upload your images to all of them and start gaining money from different sources at once.

Now that you know all of this, there is no reason not to start learning how to sell stock photos.

Click here to begin!

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