Important Launches, Updates and Firmware announced in May 2007

Nikon Updates Capture NX Tutorials
Capture NX is a software from Nikon that comes with a Nikon Digital Camera and helps improve and manage the pictures taken with the camera. The new tutorials include instructions on how to make contact sheets, soft proofs, borderless prints, auto levels contrast, and batch conversion of color profiles. Here is a link to these how-to (PDF files).

Sigma Releases SD14 Firmware 1.03
The updated software (firmware version 1.03 for its flagship SD14) fixes a bug that caused the camera to freeze during continuous shooting. The firmware also corrects issues with the battery power display on the top LCD panel. Download the update.

Casio Updates Z60 Firmware 1.01
Casio this month released firmware update version 1.01 for the EX-Z60 point-and-shoot model. The update adds support for 8GB SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards or higher, which allow users to store more images. Download Firmware.

Flickrvision Launches with Instant Photo Mapping
Following the photo sharing trend, a new real-time photo mapping website called flickrvision displays thumbnail previews (with the photographer’s name, location, and how long ago the photo was uploaded) of photos as users upload them to the photo-sharing website Flickr. This is an important release I think, since Flickr became very fast the most used photo sharing website.

Panasonic Announces New MOS Sensor
The new MOS image sensor, could potentially be used in automotive and security cameras because is resistant to weather, heat, and ultra-violet damage. This sensor changes out traditional dyed RGB color filters with photonic color filters, has a low power consumption and provides high image quality (look at this as a combination of the CMOS with CCD advantages).

Canon Launches Powershot S5 IS
Announced at the beginning of the month, this Digital Camera from Canon follows up the old S3 IS (an SLR-like design series with high zoom – 12x optical). The new S5 IS is updated from 6 megapixels to 8. The camera also upgrades from a 2-inch LCD screen to a 2.5-inch monitor. The updated screen is a Vari-Angle LCD that flips out and has brightness adjustments. It features Digic III processor (with Face Detection), new hand grip, new hot-shoe and new Auto ISO Shift.

DXG 711 Camera Announced
At the end of May, the 7-megapixel DXG-711 made an entrance to the world with a retail price of $149.99. The camera comes with audio voice memo and video capabilities, 15 scene modes and a max sensitivity of ISO 400.

New Forensic Filter Kit Available from FujiFilm
The kit contains the most common yet hard to find set of filters that most forensic specialists use during investigations. These filters are often used as barrier filters during UV fluorescing techniques. The filters are high quality glass and are sized for 67mm filter threaded lenses. More information on these filters here.

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