Keeping Your Photography Camera In Perfect Condition

We tend to over think the small details such as keeping our cameras clean and kept up. We just shoot over and over and forget that our camera’s are collecting a bunch of dirt and grime after every use, with being indoors or outside it can pick up dirt over time.  PrepYourCameraForSummer-Lens-6311 (1)

Here’s 5 tips to remember when keeping your camera in perfect condition

  1. Keep exterior clean
  2. Dry and Air
  3. Keep body cap or a lens cap
  4. Activate the automatic sensor cleaning
  5. Check and clean the sensor

Keep exterior clean 

You should manage to keep your exterior clean every three or101644 four weeks or whenever you feel that it is necessary.When cleaning the exterior remember to remove  your battery along with your SD card, and any other accessories.

Make sure any ports are closed as well clean the exterior before taken your lens off you
Don’t want any dirt and grime to get inside of your camera.

The first thing you should do is wipe the dirt spots with a damp rag, then work your way around just about the whole camera. Remember not to put too much pressure on the lens in fact, you should use a lens cleaner pen. You can buy them anywhere, I got mine from Walmart, but if you don’t have lens cleaner pen a damp micro cloth will work just as well.
Canned air, blower and a brush can remove any small particles from the gaps and the crevices of the camera. With the screen, viewfinder and the lens you’ll find a micro cloth the best to use on those surfaces without scrubbing the surfaces.

Dry and Air

You should dry your camera off after every function when in rain or snow, these are obvious issues, but mist, drizzle, fog and condensation can harm your camera.

When you get into a warm, dry place, then continue to dry off your camera and lens with a cloth make sure to extend and unextended your lens when drying your lens off.

You should take care of your ports and the lens and dry them off and also make sure they’re closed to be guaranteed, no water does not come inside of the camera. You should at least wait and air dry your camera before removing the lens or memory card.2737961798_9248275ab4

Keep body cap or a lens cap

Lens caps are good for body caps that prevent dust from getting into your mirror this should be on your camera all the time. As well it keeps your lens from getting scratched and keep it clean as well.

When cleaning your lens or putting the lens cap on, you should always do it quickly to insure that no other dirt gets into the camera. Be sure you’re in a clean environment when performing this.

If you decided you what to change lens be sure to change it before heading outside.

Activate the automatic sensor cleaning

Most of the DSLR cameras out there have an automatic sensor built into the camera this vibrates the sensor or a Fliter and shakes away any dust.

This can usually be activated by a on and off  selection in the settings menu, you can set it to clean when you turn the camera off and on.

Some photographers prefer to have the sensor cleaning set when they bend or turn off or on their camera it can ensure that your camera is working prefect and that your sensor is cleaned for the next time you use your camera.


sensorclean-menuCheck and clean the sensor

Sometimes dirt and grime can find their way into your sensor and takes more than a shake to get it off. If you notice your images have clone marks from your images it’s time to give your sensor a good cleaning. Now some people fear this step because of the risk of messing up the camera can be in the back of your mind.

Simply the best and simplest ways are a swab with cleaning liquid. Make sure your battery is fully charged when doing this step then put a single drop on the sensor and then take a swab and make sure you get into corners as well don’t touch the sides of the housing.

To make sure this works take an image of a blank wall then check the image at 100% on a computer screen. If there’s still marks reapply and clean it again.

Keeping your Photography camera in perfect condition

There many ways to keep your camera clean and the best condition just make certain to stop and realize that a clean camera is a great camera for the best images.

By Kelsey

Kelsey is my name, I've been in the photography field for 5 years. I have a photography business called It's all about moments also I'm a mother to an amazing little boy.

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