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Kids With Cameras is a very special project. Not just because the photographers are talented kids, but because these talented kids are children from the 3rd world.
So far, the project involved kids from Calcutta, Jerusalem, Cairo and Haiti. A movie made about this won the 77th Academy Awards Prise.
When I say that these kids are really talented, I mean it. Let’s take for example Shanti, 11 years old, lives with her brother, Manik and their mother in Calcutta. Zana Briski, her photography teacher in this project, held weekly photography workshops between 2000 and 2003. The children learned camera basics, lighting, composition, the development of point-of-view, editing, and sequencing for narrative.
kids with cameraskids with cameras
In Jerusalem, the coordinator was Jason Eskenazi, and, in Haiti, Gigi Cohen. Teriz Michael organized the same thing in Cairo.
kids with cameras
If those pictures (portraits and street life) impressed you, here are some options to answer the question “what can I do to help?”:
Here are some ways that you can assist Kids with Cameras gain momentum and strength:
* Donate
* Volunteer
* Buy a print
* Buy Born into Brothels on DVD
* Email the kids
For more informations and details visit

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