Kodak EasyShare C743 Digital Camera Review

Kodak EasyShare C743 is a easy to use camera with a classic design, easy to hold and with a large LCD. A small optical viewfinder is also present letting you disable the LCD to save battery life, but, otherwise, the camera has only few manual controls. Quote from imaging-resource.com: “Other than in very good outdoor lighting conditions, colors lacked pop and images lost sharpness in the corners and in areas of high contrast, such as where a building meets the sky. The Kodak C743 also seemed to have exposure problems in high contrast situations, frequently blowing out highlights and overexposing bright areas. Worse, there’s a lot of chroma noise even at the lowest ISO setting.”
Also, the built-in flash is not very effective either. Some features of C743 include in-camera editing features: cropping, auto picture rotation, and undo-delete. For printing, Kodak suggests G600 printer dock. The dock will also charge your Kodak EasyShare camera in 3.5 hours or less. When connected to a computer, you can, at the touch of a button, transfer your pictures to your computer with the included USB cable. This compact digicam has USB 2.0 and video out interface.
Kodak EasyShare C743Kodak EasyShare C743
Shooting Modes: Auto, Scene Modes, Movie
Scene Modes: auto, portrait, sport, landscape, night portrait, self portrait, close up, snow, beach, fireworks, backlight, children, and party
Color Modes: color, sepia, and black and white
Movie mode: VGA video (640 x 480; 30 fps, no time limit), with audio capture, QuickTime – MPEG-4
White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Sunny (Preset), Fluorescent (Preset), Tungsten (Preset)
Flash Modes: Flash Off, Auto Flash, Fill-in Flash, Red-eye Reduction Flash
Kodak EasyShare C743Kodak EasyShare C743
Technical Data:
• 2.4 inch LCD
• 7.1 megapixels
• 3x optical zoom + 5x digital zoom
• Focal Length: 37-111mm (equivalent to 35mm)
• Aperture: f4.8/f8.5 (w/t) – f2.7/f4.9 (w/t)
• Shutter Speed : 4 – 1/1400 sec
• Power-on Time 2.7 sec
• Shot to Shot time 4.49 sec
• Self-timer: 2-second, 10-second, and 2-shot
• Self Timer: 2 Sec. /10 Sec.
• ISO Range: 80, 100, 160, 200, 400, 800
• Focus Range: 24 inch to Infinity (wide)
• Macro Focus Range: 5.16 – 27.6 inch (wide) / 104.4 – 27.6 inch (tele)
• File Format: JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
• SD/MMC memory card + 32MB internal memory
• 2 x AA Batteries Alkaline or NiMH (300 shots)

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