Latest on PMA 2008 Show: Booth Tour and Final Report

pma2008PMA 2008 finished on 4th February 2008, and PhotographyBlog posted their PMA 2008 Report, which contains the following images from the show:
Nikon D60 Photos – 20 sample images taken with Nikons new entry-level DSLR.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Photos – 36 sample images, including high ISOs, from Panasonics new 10x zoom compact.
Pentax K20D Photos – 40 sample images from Dubai, U.A.E. taken with the 14 megapixel K20d DSLR camera.
Booth Tours – Hundreds of product photos from PMA 2008, organised into 23 different galleries.
Hot Products – PhotographyBlog’s choice of PMAs hottest products from the hundreds that were introduced at the show.
New Products – A complete listing of all the major products from PMA 2008.

A little extract from the Booth Tours and links:
Epson PMA 2008 Booth Tour
Epson don’t have too much new going on at their small upstairs booth – the highlight was the new-ish Epson R1900 A3+ printer. Their latest range of large-format printers and a customised version of Express Digital Darkroom are also being featured.
HiTi PMA 2008 Booth Tour
Dye-sub printer specialists HiTi had a number of new models on display, although most of them were commercial rather than for home use. We spotted the interesting P110S, which seems to be a direct competitor to the Epson Picturemate series, and the admittedly specialist S420 passport photo printer.
Wacom PMA 2008 Booth Tour
The highlight of Wacoms booth was the dimunitive Wacom Cintiq 12wx interactive, touch-sensitive pen display (which weve already reviewed). The Cintiq 12wx allows you to work in Photoshop or similar graphics applications by drawing directly on the 12.1 inch high-resolution LCD monitor.
SmartParts PMA 2008 Booth Tour
Smartparts introduced a worlds first at PMA 2008 with the launch of the 8 inch SP8PRT – the first and only digital picture frame to feature an integrated photo printer. The SP8PRT features some basic image editing options and produces a 6×4, dye-sub inch print in around 55 seconds. The print quality was fine, but whether or not you want to pay the $279 asking price is up to you…
Eye-Fi PMA 2008 Booth Tour
For a product that has generated so much interest at PMA and during the last few months, Eye-Fi had a relatively tiny booth at PMA tucked away in the far corner of the show. The Eye-Fi Card is the worlds first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. Only available in the USA at the moment, the current 2Gb version costs $99.

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