Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

Christopher Grey (after 30 years experience) wrote this book, “Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers”, concerning the most significan’t part of Portrait Shooting: The Lighting. After the composition, lighting is the medium that gives a certain atmosphere and feelings of a well done Portrait. The book covers everything from classic lighting styles to the advanced lighting methods, using great images as examples as well as diagrams, explaining the lighting ratios. You also learn about different lighting accessories and how to use them to get the best possible results. The readers of this book really fell enlighten so if you are an advanced photographer but relatively new into studio portrait photography, this book is the best choice for you.

Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

Time-tested lighting strategies that will improve the quality of a portrait are detailed in this book for beginning photographers. Terminology used by industry pros is explained, the equipment needed to create professional results is outlined, and the unique role that each element of the lighting setup plays in the studio is explored. Photographers learn how color, direction, form, and contrast affect the final portrait. The concise text, photo examples, and lighting diagrams enable photographers to easily achieve traditional lighting styles that have been the basis of good portraiture since the advent of the art.

Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

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