How to shoot killer photos in your holidays in medieval places

Ever wonder how to take a piece of mystery and a sense of history in your house after having a holiday in a medieval place?

Here is my story with 4 easy advices for everyone to use.

During the past 3 years, each summer, I had the chance to attend medieval festivals and actors shows dressed in medieval clothes. As a result I came with a collection of pictures under the title of “Medieval Fashion Photography”.
Medieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion Photography

Advice 1 – Be careful at the background, advertising may ruin the photos

Some of the actors were playing on a scene with advertisements at the back, resulting in a busy colorful background, not proper for fashion shooting. This is why after the play I toked my shots behind the scene, having the medieval city as a perfect environment.
Medieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion Photography

Advice 2 – Follow the actors like a cat is following a mouse

In one other situations, the artists came with they’re own studio: a black carpet on a vertical board and other carpet on some horizontal surface. The only exception was “Robin Hood” who had no trouble sitting with the forest behind him.
Medieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion Photography

Advice 3 – Shot the “movement” for creating a dynamic effect

What is really important in fashion photography, no matter of the clothes, is the cooperation between the photographer and the model. With actors it’s allot easier: they know how to pose according to what they wear and play. The pictures with the black background depict “living statues”. For an actor it’s probably the easiest but unfunny type of acting. Other pictures reflect the movement of the interpretated subject. Even if it’s all about the fashion and not the acting, the movement is as important as the position because the purpose of fashion photography is to make you wish to get dressed like that.
Medieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion Photography

Advice 4 – Catch a scene not a lonely rider

Placing one model in a photo is OK. But placing 2 or more is allot interesting, eye catching and dynamic. However, this means that the position of each of them must be related to the others (not just for the sake of composition, but for the sake of a story-telling photograph). You can try this at home with some friend by borrowing costumes from the theater or acting school.
Medieval Fashion PhotographyMedieval Fashion Photography

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