New Solution for Photo Editing Management: DigiLabs software

The DigiLabs software is a suite of software applications for making photo books, cards and calendars that runs on the Windows XP platform. Fujifilm now offers software from DigiLabs for use with Xeroxs Phaser 7760 tabloid color laser printer and Xerox DocuColor Digital Color Printers. You can now create photo books, photo calendars, greeting cards and other customized photo products in a much easyer way, with basic PC skills.
Here’s a link to download the software I’m talking about.

“Working with Fujifilm, an industry leader in photofinishing and in service that delivers great products to its customers, is an exciting development for us,” said Andrew Friedland, vice president, business development, Digilabs, Inc. “We are also especially proud of our robust customization that not only serves our professional photographer clientele, but also allows for us to team up with retailers and offer home-to-store solutions.”

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