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Nick Brandt is a contemporary photographer who’s pictures serve as model and inspiration to anyone willing to learn taking astonish creative wildlife black&white photos.
Mary Ellen Mark describes her feelings when looking at Nick’s photography like this: “Nick Brandt’s photographs are both epic and iconic. It’s a vision of Africa that we have not seen before.”

He travels to Africa caring his telephoto lenses, pursuits silently the big powerful creatures with great courage, sits hiding in the big grass waiting with patience for the lions, rhinos, giraffes, and all others to stand still, feed, play, fight or attack other animals. The results is that his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and touching in their honesty and emotion….”He clearly has an affinity with these glorious creatures that’s heart-stopping.” – Sunday Telegraph, Australia.

His pictured were gathered together in one of a life time album with 132 pages called “On this Earth – Photographs from East Africa”. A link to this book is at the bottom of the article.
From July to December 2008, he’s photos will be exhibited in England, at the Fox Talbot Museum of Photography, in Lacock.

Giraffes in Evening Light
Giraffes in Evening Light, Maasai Mara 2006
Two Rhinos
Two Rhinos, Lewa Downs 2003
Elephants & Egrets After Storm
Elephants & Egrets After Storm, Amboseli 2007
Lioness with Cub Feeding
Lioness with Cub Feeding, Masai Mara 2007
A link to his gallery here and here.

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