Nikon COOLPIX L10, L11 and L12 Digital Camera Review

Beginning March 2007, 3 new compact digitals from Nikon are available: L10 (5MP), L11 (6MP) and L12 (7MP). Like other Nikon cameras in this series, these new point-and-shoot digicams feature In-Camera Red-Eye Fix that can automatically overcome the red-eye effect sometimes caused by flash, Face-priority that automatically detects and achieves sharp focus on people’s faces wherever they are in the frame and Nikon’s D-Lighting that can rescue underexposed images or shots taken with too much backlight, plus the BSS (Best Shot Selector) and Time zone function. What L10 and L11 miss is image stabilisation, but L12 has the Optical VR image stabilization. Looks like L12 has several other important improvements: different aperture, higher ISO, larger internal memory. Adding to this camera’s ease of use is a new Anti-Shake button, which simultaneously activates VR, High ISO and Best Shot Selector, assuring that pictures will be steady, sharp, and stunning and One-Touch portrait button on top of the camera.
The new L-series cameras (high quality of the images complemented by superior slim and compact body design) are available in three colors: Matte Silver, Matte Black and Titanium.
Nikon COOLPIX L10, L11 and L12Nikon COOLPIX L10, L11 and L12Nikon COOLPIX L10, L11 and L12
• Modes: Auto, Scene, Macro, Movie
• Scene modes: 16 Scene modes
White balance: Auto with TTL control, 7-mode manual (Direct sunlight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy, Shade, Flash and White Bal. Preset)
• Movie Mode: With sound, TV movie (640) at 30fps/15fps, Small size (320) at 30fps/15fps
Nikon COOLPIX L10, L11 and L12
Technical Data:
• 2.0 inch LCD for L10 / 2.4-inch LCD for L11 and L12
• 3x optical zoom + 4x digital zoom
• 5 (L10), 6 (L11) and 7 (L12) megapixels
Focal Length: 37.5-112.5mm (35mm equivalent) for L10 and L11; 35 – 105 mm for L12
• Aperture: F2.8-5.2 in L10, L11; F2.8-4.7 in L12
• ISO Range: 64-800 (+ 1600 in L12)
• Focus Range: 40cm (1 ft. 4 in.) to infinity and Macro close-up mode: 15cm (5.9 in.) to infinity
• Flash Range: (W) approx. 0.4-3.0m (1 ft. 4 in. – 9 ft. 10 in.), (T) approx. 0.4-2.5m (1 ft. 4 in. – 8 ft. 2 in.)
• File format: JPEG
• SD / SDHC memory card + 7MB (L10 and L11) 21MB (L12) internal memory
• 2x AA battery (300 shots per charge in L10,L11 and 370 shots per charge in L12)

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