Nikon D70 Review

Nikon D70Nikons D70 (improvement of D100) was Digital SLR camera of the year in 2004. Solid ergonomic body (600g without battery) and easy to use menu (even a help button). Aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual modes offer the possibility to simultaneously think about composition, depth of field, motion blur, focus, and exposure compensation.
Depth of Field preview button aids composition accuracy. However, other easy modes are available: Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close Up, Sports, Night Landscape and Night Portrait. Vivid and normal colour saturation, degree of sharpening, the use of extra noise reduction algorithms are a few effects you can add to the shoots. Nothing to say against the performance of white balance for this camera. Even if the auto-focus is very rapid and efficient, D70 supports manual focus. Processing of the image is available in both JPEG and RAW mode. Some little complains about the viewfinder being too small.
But as for the bad parts of this camera, The Blinking Green Light Of Death is a common cause of failure for many early Nikon D70 digital SLR cameras. Symptoms of failure are a constant blinking green Compact Flash card access light and the camera does not perform any operation. The camera basically dies and does not perform any operation. But don’t panic: Nikon seems to fix this problem even for out-of-warranty cameras without any charge.

Nikon D70Nikon D70Nikon D70

Technical Data:
• 6.1 MPixel images
• Nikon F-mount supports AF, AF-D/G, AFS, AI-P, and non-cpu lenses.
• 1/8,000 maximum shutter speed. Flash sync at up to 1/500
• Continuous shooting at 3 frames per second for a continuous burst of up to 144 pictures
• Fi’ve area AF with predictive tracking
• ISO sensitivity from 200 to 1600, including auto ISO selection, very low noise
• 3D TTL flash with built in speedlight or SB600/SB800 flashes
• Compact Flash type I and II cards, including microdrives
• Starting speed is 0,45 (acceptable)
• LCD screen 1.8″ 130,000 pixel display
• EN-EL3 1400 mAH rechargeable lithium battery (up to 2000 images until recharge) – very good



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