Nina Berman and Life Behind Iraq

Nina Berman (borned in New York and graduated School of Journalism) has been photographing the political and cultural landscape of the United States for more than 20 years.
Also, she takes pictures for numerous publications including National Geographic, Time, New York Times Magazine, London Telegraph, Paris Match, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Stern and GEO. From 1991 until today she had a number of 28 exhibitions around the world and counting.

Nina Berman Photography

Recently she has gained the World Press Photo Award in Portraits with a picture from the “Redux Pictures for People” – “Wounded US Marine returns home from Iraq to marry”. This shoot was taken unde a project called “Purple Hearts”. The Purple Hearts project is a series of photographic portraits and interviews with American soldiers who were wounded in Iraq. The pictures were taken in soldiers homes, in military hospitals and on Army bases across the United States.

“Ive been a documentary photographer since 1987 working in a dozen countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, India and Vietnam. But most of my time has been spent traveling the USA trying to understand the American Way of Life.”

Nina Berman Photography

Other awards she received:
• National Womens Political Caucus Award – 1998
• Pictures of the Year – 1999, 1998, 1993
• Communications Arts Annual – 2000, 1999, 1997
• American Photography Annual 2004, 2002
• Days Japan International Photojournalism Award 2004
• World Press Photo Foundation Award 2005
• Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Fund 2005
• New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (NYFA) 2006

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