OLYMPUS Studio Photo-editing Software

Olympus Studio 2.1

OLYMPUS Studio 2 supports professional photographers and engaged amateurs to get perfect results out of their images within a minimum of time. The software provides various functions and powerful tools to assist your workflow, such as examining and selecting the best shot from a large number of images, searching for a desired image from folders and albums, editing and processing images you have shot, printing pictures, etc.

– PC-control of the camera
– Image editing functions
– Batch processing
– Rapid processing of RAW files
– Automatic tone adjustment

Olympus Studio 2.1 (the new version of Olympus professional workflow software, with added support for the E-3 DSLR) includes the following improvements:

– Support for “E-3” DSLR
– Added “Add IPTC Information” function under Transfer Images, RAW Development and Batch Processing.
– Added New skin (Professional) which is the most suitable for viewing and sorting photos.
– Added the function to show Pop-up Information for a file.
– Improved the function to narrow down by Color Mark.
– Improved the operability of the function to sort images.
– Added the function to display the background processing status in the status bar.
– Added the function to select the next operation after saving files.
– Improved the display speed in Thumbnail Area (Windows).

There is a 30 days Trial, and it can be downloaded here.

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