Online Master’s degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

The London College of Communication is launching a new online, part time 2 year masters programme in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Starting from January 2008 it will be delivered entirely online using Digital Railroad as the main image management software, and will make use of web conferencing , blogs, discussion boards etc as well as regular tutorials online with established industry figures. For me, it sounds exactly the way I want it. This course is designed for postgraduate students who wish to pursue a career in photojournalism or documentary photography. The purpose of the program is to equip the appliances with a thorough grounding in the methodologies of film and digitally-based photojournalism and documentary photography, as well as the creative and analytical tools and knowledge in order to establish and develop individual vision and practice.

The course will provide students with a framework in which to locate, analyse and reflect on their own practice within a critical and historical context. This will encourage a more deeply involved, informed, critically aware and challenging approach to the medium. The theory element will also enable students to articulate their personal practice within the various marketplaces and contexts they choose to operate in.

The course also encourages students to develop a wider vision of the practice and potential of the medium of documentary and reportage photography – of its uses and outlets from the classic editorial/magazine spread, to published portfolios, digital portfolios, gallery exhibitions, books, web or CD-based productions, television and other media. The main concerns of photojournalists and documentary photographers are with the real world – exploring and recording the wide range of human experience. Therefore, students may decide to take a journalistically-focused approach. They may also look at other strategies for dissemination, including galleries, books and multimedia presentations.

The course fees for 2008 will be approx £3,240 for UK/EU students and approx £10,095 for international students, paid in 2 installments one each year of study.
For more informations contact Paul Lowe:

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