Online Photo Course Launch

Let me tell you how I came from zero to teaching an Online Photo Course.

I’ve started photography years ago with a webcam. Believe it or not, at that time I didn’t have a photo camera. My uncle gave me one as a present. It was a webcam that could be used as a camera.

The quality of the photos was terrible! But it did the work. You can obtain a good photo even if you only have a webcam. I was so passionate about photography that I decided at that moment that I will never quit. I knew I wanted to learn all the secrets of taking good photos.

Years have past and as you can see I’ve launched this blog for beginners where you can learn all sorts of tips & tricks for better taking photographs.

I want to do more for you, the photography amateur, because I know how hard it is when you start.

That’s why I’ve launched an online photography course, where you can learn digital photography secrets in just 3 months.

Go check it out, see what you can learn and decide for yourself.

1st UPDATE: Based of the feedback received from my students, I extended the training to 4 months, including more information on the desired subjects.

2nd UPDATE: To make things easier to learn, I took all the technical data – functions of the camera and photography notions – and put them together under one ebook called “Technical Photography Manual”. Then, the 4 months training, will remain focused on composition and artistic aspects of the art of photography. Also, there are new subjects added into this course material revision.

Here are the two items that will help you learn both the technical and aesthetic parts of photography, from hobby level to professional:

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