Outback Photo Workshops – Capturing more Light

“Capturing more Light” is the theme of the latest Outback Photo Workshop and it refers to the Pragmatic use of HDR Capture and Tonemapping for real world photos. It will take place in the October 27 to 28. 2007 weekend at this address: Future Light Digital Workshops, 2001 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110; telephone: (415) 282-5320. The cost is $495.00 per person but it includes full version of the used software.
The instructors are: Uwe Steinmueller from outbackphoto.com, Brad Polt-Jones and Bettina Steinmueller (Artistic Support).

Outback Photo WorkshopsThe high contrast of normal sunny daylight scenes is often hard to capture with a single shot. HDR images try to work around these limitations by combining multiple images. This workshop teaches all the ins and outs of handling a higher dynamic range and of course also the limitations of this technique. The contents is the result of extensive practical work photographing urban scenes.

The audience (max 20 students) will experience the joy of learning in a great variety of photo editing software such as:
* Photoshop
* Photomatix (each attendee receives a free full version, a $109 value)
* LightZone Relight (LightCrafts provides you with coupon for a full version of LigthZone, a $249.95 value)
* Lightroom and Bridge
* Camera Raw 4.x
* PhotoAcute
The Topics covered and the full program are published online here.

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