Parrot DF7700 – The First Digital Photo Frame that Sends Photos via MMS

Parrot DF7700This month I noticed the first digital photo frame that allows you to send pictures toyour mobile phone via MMS.
Responsible for this invention is Parrot, the leader in wireless mobile telephony devices.
PARROT DF7700 (7-inch digital TFT LCD, leather-bound) digital frame uses wireless technology to send the photos with just one click button, but, also features a USB connection and an SD card slot.
It is told that this frame reproduces incredibly rich pictures in terms of colour & contrast and showing the tiniest details, for you to relive your most treasured moments and those of your friends with the same intensity. You can also change the frame to suit your mood and environment by purchasing the other finishes in the range (optional extra).

Just like all the other digital photo frames in the Parrot range, the PARROT DF7700 boasts an ultra-easy user interface with a wealth of advanced features for giving your photos the very best display. Irrespective of the pictures size before sending, the PARROT DF7700 frame automatically adjusts it to match the size of its screen.

In addition, a position sensor detects the orientation of the frame and automatically rotates the photos, either in portrait or landscape mode, to match the chosen position. A light sensor continually measures the amount of light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the frame accordingly, switching off when you go to bed – so ecological! Furthermore, different slideshows can be programmed: your photos are displayed one after the other or in the order that you have chosen.

The Parrot DF7700 will first be available exclusively in France in Bouygues Telecom shops for 189 Euros, beginning in December 2007, but later on in 2008 it will be available in other countries too.

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