Pentax Optio A30 and W30 Digital Camera Release

Pentax Optio A30 Pentax Optio A30 Release
The PENTAX original Shake Reduction (SR) technology in the A30 has been improved by adding both Digital and Movie SR for improved image capture in low-light settings and telephoto capture.
A unique Face Recognition AF & AE function offers better results in photographs by automatically detecting faces, and then adjusting exposure and focus to properly capture portraits.
The Optio A30 features a high-intensity LCD monitor with an LCD booster function that improves screen brightness on demand; the monitor is easier to view outdoors even in bright sunlight and has a wide-angle viewing of 160 degrees.
With a 0.02 second release time lag, focus and start-up times have been improved.
Auto-tracking AF continuously focuses on a moving subject and FotoNation’s red-eye correction function corrects red eye after shooting.
The Pentax A30 will be available since March 2007.

• Shooting Modes: Program, Shutter-Priority AE mode and Manual
• Movie Mode: 30 fps, DivX® (MPEG-4 compliant) movie format
Technical Data:
• 2.5 inch LCD
• 10 megapixels
• 3X optical zoom
• 38-114mm lens in 35mm format lens
• ISO can be boosted to 3200, though at 5MP setting or below
• SD memory card + 22MB of built-in memory
• D-LI8 lithium-ion battery
Pentax Optio A30 and W30
Pentax Optio W30 Release
PENTAX Optio W30 is the fifth model in the manufacturers waterproof digital camera line. With an enhanced waterproof design, the Optio W30 performance capacity has more than doubled and now allows photographers to capture images underwater up to 10 feet for 2 hours.
The generous 2.5 inch LCD monitor offers an LCD Bright Mode that can adjust the brightness of the screen as necessary for improved viewing in the sunlight. Ever the perfect camera for capturing adventure in the outdoors, the Optio W30 also features both Digital and Movie SR modes to reduce blur in both image and video capture.
The Optio W30 also features the Face Recognition function and Macro Photography mode to allow image capture at under half an inch for stunning close-ups of photography subjects such as flowers, insects, jewelry and much more.
The Auto Picture mode lets the camera automatically determine the shooting conditions for Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, and Program modes and choose the optimum settings for each subject.
FotoNations red-eye correction function for correcting red eye after shooting is also available.

Technical Data:
• 2.5 inch LCD
• 7 megapixels
• 3X optical zoom + 4X digital
• Macro mode with the ability to take shots from as near as 1cm
• Movie mode at up to 30 frames per second and digital shake reduction
• ISO can be boosted to 3200, though at 5MP setting or below
• SD memory card + 21.9 MB of built-in memory
• D-LI8 lithium-ion battery

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