Photographing Windows

Windows, just like doors, are gates, or better said portals, to other worlds. The words inside and outside don’t make too much sense in photographing windows, so we can let the imagination decide what are the two worlds on each side.
Photographing WindowsPhotographing Windows
These portals welcome you with flowers. They also wary in shape and the old ones have sculptures. Some of them are deteriorated by time and no one considered repairing them, but, for photography, this fact ad more to the mystery of the gate between the worlds. The rustier it is, the more impressive it gets.
There are barriers at the windows even if opened: not everyone is welcomed to enter or to leave. And the funny thing is: this barrier only filtrates by size.
Photographing WindowsPhotographing Windows
Things get more dynamic as someone gets “trapped” in the portal. Hanging on a window between two worlds, looking curiously to see whats on the other side.
If the window is tall and there is nothing around it that makes the composite of the idea, the vertical shooting is a standard. No special camera settings are required, just a good eye and imagination.
Photographing WindowsPhotographing Windows

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