Photography Articles Around the Web #2

Photography Articles Around the Web

11 Practical Tips For Any Photographer
I received an email at the beginning of the month from someone named Dana who gave me permission to reprint these 11 practical tips for any photographer ??? beginner or master ??? to keep in mind while taking digital photos. …

Keys to Becoming a Great Portrait Photographer!
I go to do a photo shoot for a special family. We met this family when they put their house on the market almost three years ago. We fell in love with…

Worth Buying a DSLR for Your Travel Photography? Take this Quiz
Digital SLRs are very popular items these days, especially among travelers. This article will explore the fundamental differences between a DSLR and a compact digicam, plus…

Reuters sports photography book and exhibition
Reuters has launched a free outdoor exhibition featuring 200 images from its new sports photography book, Sport in the 21st Century, outside City Hall in London.

Iraq veteran’s photography on display
Now a member of Task Force Saber, Sgt. First Class James Greene of St. Albans, is exhibiting his photographs from that deployment. Among other images, Greene captured the memorial services for a number of comrades who lost their lives.

HowTo: Action Studio Photography and Composite Posters
Maybe you are a professional portrait photographer trying to separate yourself from the high school senior market or maybe you are a paren’t just wanting to impress your children….

Creative Photography From One Cool Dad
This is wonderfully creative! Inspired by classic childhood books and modern superheroes, photographer Jan von Holleben has created a book of photography with a focus on the child’s imagination….

Salem Landscapes, photography project
Landscape is commonly defined as a genre of art dealing with the depiction of natural scenery. Most often, landscape photography is thought of as: A landscape is a section or portion of scenery as seen from a single viewpoint. Scenery is the subject of a landscape image….

Understanding guide numbers for flash photography
Shelton Muller discusses the principles once used by all photographers to determine flash exposure…

The Art of Portrait Photography
So you’re interested in portrait photography, and you want to know what separates snapshots from art? Here are the things I consider vitally important: …

Stock photography for beginners
I’m not averse to having my photos included in stock photography archi’ves, but I’m not extremely interested in it, either. Of course, a little extra money/royalties would make me more interested, but will this amount to more than pennies?…

On Photography – Those Creative Visionary Things (long good article)

Visions aren’t the simplest of all things we have to deal with. Commercial visions are Big Business in a confused, surreal sort of way. Conglomerates, corporations, companies, politicians, police chiefs and postal workers seemingly can’t live without those pay-per-view mass market visions. Creating, making, faking, enforcing, stealing, distorting, maintaining and hiding behind visions can be an everyday task….

The Law of Photography
People have very strange ideas about what constitutes fair use of other people’s photographs. What they do not realize is, that by the time they get sued, simply claiming ignorance is no defense….

HDR Images For Real Estate Photography
Anyone that has shot 360 panoramas will immediately appreciate the importance of HDR as a technique to control brightness in a situation where you must lock your exposure for all shots yet in one of the shots you have to shoot into the sun and another you have to shoot away from the sun. HDR is an clearly and important technique for panographers…

Photography Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Inkjet Printer
Photography Tips Explaining Color Fringing
Photography Tips For File Formats & Digital Photos
Photography Tips For When Your Camera Stops Working
A series of articles you must read.

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  1. Wonderful list. I shoot HDR photography and have been using those exact tecniques in that HDR article.

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