Photography Articles Around the Web #4

Winter Wedding Photography Tips
Best article this month. “Winter bridals can be even more important than summer bridals. Bring your groom along, find a location that will really highlight the winter, and have fun. By taking your bridals with the groom, this will give you the opportunity to have a little more control and less stress than on your actual wedding day.”
Twelve Important Rules for Photography
There are no “rules” in photography but these guidelines are worth to follow.
Mounting your own Photography Art Exhibition
This article touches a subject about which I wanted to write myself something a little while ago. Now I’m glad Jeremy talked about his experience.
Better Photography, Part III: Landscapes
This article is very useful, easy to understand and pretty basic, but it covers allot.
A few tips to improve your photography“nothing technical mind you, just general stuff.” But this kind of stuff is a must remember for any of us.
Online Photography Classes offers online photography classes which are more unique than going to a campus class or even a college based online class. Students to connect to the applications through their desktop. It’s like being in a chatroom, but with real-time assistance on their applications.
Digital Photography Lighting Tips
If you need digital photographs of your products for eBay, pictures of an engine part for a user manual, or pictures of heirlooms for an insurance company, a simple studio lighting setup will make the pictures better.
Look Beyond The Obvious
“Lets say youve been hired by a client to photograph a portrait. They decide on an outdoor location at a nearby park. You pack up your equipment, head out to the park, and spend an hour photographing the client.”
Learn Photography at the National Gallery
An interesting photography course is going on right now. Art Pascuali started on January 24 the new 8-week photography course designed for those who want to take up the art as a serious the National Gallery Education Centre, Baytown Plaza, West Bay Road. Cost is CI$200 per person10% less for Gallery members CI$180. There is also a book for the course at a cost of CI$ 25.
Wedding Photography: new trends
The field of wedding photography continues to change as the years go by, and more and more wedding photographers have to employ their creative talents and expertise to produce exceptional results with their photographs…
Digital Photography Tutorial: Create Your Own Website
While creating and managing a large professionally-run website requires a huge amount of time and expertise and a staff of dedicated programmers, creating a simple personal website such as an online photo album is something that almost anyone can do, without the need for specialist knowledge or expensive software.
Photography Tips For Newbies
This article explains a few things about photography, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know, especially when you want to join some of forums and discussions about this topics, then this article will be useful for you more or less, in order for you to get some of new ideas from the discussions you have joined.
An Introduction to Catchlights
A “catchlight is simply the highlight of a light source reflected off the surface of the eye. This highlight adds depth and dimension to the eye, and gives the eyes life in a portrait or snapshot.
Outdoor Photography Tips
Chris Pirillo about taking pictures outside – a different ballgame than snapping shots indoors. Everything is different, from the lighting to the backgrounds. Here are some tips to help you take beautiful shots when outdoors.
Street photography and the homeless
Theres some interesting discussion here that I find fascinating. Its worth reading, if you can get over the self-importance of some of the posts.
Enhance your digital photography by making your own lighting tools
Digital photography is one of those hobbies (or professions) where you can set yourself up fairly cheaply with an entry level camera, but if you wanted to, the amount you could spend on cameras and equipment is limitless!
Photography Not Dead
In his article, Peter Plagens concludes that the art of photography is dead in this pixel dominated world of Photoshop and CGI technological advances. Does truth in photography still exist? I would argue that there is no such thing as truth in art, whether it is in painting, photography, sculpture, or any other artistic medium.
Photography’s Impact on American Society
This article by Andrew Moore is close to literature but if you have the time, read it.

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